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Reviews of Easy Meat

Recommendations for Peter McLoughlin's book "Easy Meat - Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal"

Those who think that political correctness is only a harmless absurdity perpetrated by intellectuals will soon be laughing on the other side of their face when they read this book.

— Theodore Dalrymple, author of Threats of Pain and Ruin and Out Into the Beautiful World.


How does a nation commit suicide? Peter McLoughlin's Easy Meat is a harrowing step-by-step chronicle of how Britain is doing just that, by sacrificing its girls to the idols of multiculturalism and political correctness. McLoughlin lays out in heart-wrenching detail how British officials abandoned thousands of unfortunate girls to the depredations of Muslim rape gangs who were inspired and motivated by Islamic teachings on the treatment of infidel women, and did nothing to save them for fear of being called "racist" and "Islamophobic." Young girls and women are the future of any nation; what Britain has done to its own has condemned it to a future of chaos, civil war, and slavery. Peter McLoughlin has done an invaluable service in laying out exactly how it all happened. May this important book serve as a cautionary tale for nations that are still free.

-- Robert Spencer, author of the bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.


A non-Islamic society which allows its young women and girls to be raped, beaten and treated as literal war-booty by Muslim males is a society teetering on the brink of irrelevance. A non-Islamic society which goes out of its way to suppress the truth behind the Islamic gang-rape scandal and which actively sidesagainst the non-Muslim victims is a society on the brink of extinction. Peter McLoughlin’s forensic research details how evils once considered unthinkable and impossible have now became a routine part of everyday life in towns and cities across Great Britain. Mr McLoughlin’s majestic investigative work joins all the dots from the life and teachings of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed through to the suicidal moral and cultural relativism of the Politically Correct West. He skewers all who need to be skewered; the politicians, the social workers, the journalists, the police and the media – all who contrived to cover up the most wicked crime of the century lest it give credence to the “political right” who had been warning of just such terrible crimes for the last two decades. Although this book concentrates primarily on the grooming/rape issues, it serves an equally important role in reminding us that we are in a cultural battle for the continuation of Western civilisation and that time is rapidly running out if we wish to overturn the PC establishment before it takes us all down with it. Bravo Mr McLoughlin!

-- Paul Weston, chairman of Liberty GB

A Look Inside Britain's Muslim Sex Grooming Gang Scandal

Janet Levy


April 8, 2016

The scandal of the Islamic child rape gangs in Britain is meticulously researched in the book by Peter McLaughin. A definitive work on the Islamic gangs in Britain that groomed and raped young girls for decades.

The story only gets worse as time goes on. The book shows social workers, teachers, police officers, Muslim groups, journalists, member of parliament, and others all knew about these grooming rape gangs for decades and they turned a blind eye. The Islamic rape gangs began in the 1980s with Sikh girls and moved onto white indigenous British girls between the ages of 11 and 14. McLauglin laments the rare instances of criminal prosecution with minimal sentences usually partially served.

British authorities have pushed multiculturalism; the falsehood that all cultures are equal and that to believe otherwise is to be a racist.   Under this fallacy, the British government introduced laws restricting speech followed by a Racial and Religious Hatred Bill with fines and imprisonment.  The fear of being called a racist and political correctness with legal repercussions (up to seven years in prison) was used to silence adults who should have been protecting these young girls, between 100,000 to 1 million girls lives have been shattered. Islamic pimps operated an organized network of taxi drivers, shop owners, restaurant owners, and security guards to prey on vulnerable young girls many from state-run homes for children.

McLouglin’s historical background shows the sexual grooming of children lies in Islamic doctrines, the slave history of Islam, rape as a weapon of war, as well as doctrine from the Koran on non-Muslims.


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