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Table of Contents

Easy Meat - Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal by Peter McLoughlin

Foreword  by Gavin Boby




  1. The Grooming Gang Phenomenon 
    1. Tip of the Iceberg
    2. Invisible Victims
    3. National Dimensions
    4. International Dimensions
    5. Counting the Victims
    6. Realising the Damage
  2. Sikh Victims of Grooming Gangs 
  3. Chronology - Cover-up to Collapse
    1. 1988 Sikh/Muslim violence
    2. 1989 Sikhs convicted
    3. 1991 “The earliest case...”
    4. 1995 Bradford: Streets and Lanes
    5. 1996 Rotherham
    6. 1998 Sikh Awareness Society starts
    7. 2001 Derby and “Real Caliphate”
    8. 2003 Bradford/Keighley
    9. 2004 Edge of the City
    10. 2005 Radio 5 programme
    11. 2005 Luton and “Real Caliphate”
    12. 2007 Julie Bindel: a lone voice
    13. 2008 My Dangerous Loverboy
    14. 2008 BBC Panorama: Teenage Sex For Sale
    15. 2009 Rise of English Defence League
    16. 2011 Andrew Norfolk’s pivotal article
  4. Rotherham - Designated Scapegoat
  5. Systemic Institutional Failure
    1. Schools
    2. Local Councils
    3. Police
    4. Criminal Justice System
    5. Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
    6. Serious Organised Crime Agency
    7. Children’s Commissioner
    8. Home Affairs Select Committee
    9. Barnardo’s
    10. Academic Experts
  6. Abuse of the Narrative of Racism
    1. Political Correctness
    2. Muslims, not “Asians”
    3. “Racism” Protected the Rapists
    4. Racist Aspects of Grooming
  7. Islamic Cultural Background
    1. “Asian gang”: racist duplicity
    2. Islamic Morality, Muslim Culture
    3. Koranic Instructions
    4. Stories from the Hadith
    5. The Life of Mohammed (Sira)
    6. Sharia Law: Child Marriage
    7. Sharia Law: Legality of Slavery
    8. Sermon against Localised Grooming
  8. Victims of Multiculturalism
  9. Victorian Values



Grooming Gang Convictions

Grooming Gang Chronology

Name Distribution of Convicts

Leeds School Warning

Sheffield School Warning

Real Khilafah Letter to Moslem Youth

Luton Article on Real Khilafah

Children's Commissioner Charts

Victims to Perpetrators Chart

Police Report on EDL

Excerpt from Election Pamphlet

Map of Grooming Gang Convictions

Key Organisations

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