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Women plied with cocaine by older men to make them 'vulnerable', inquest in Bradford told

This is not specifically about the grooming gangs. However, it does show how there are many strands to this phenomenon. Many reports connect the grooming gangs to drug supply chains, addiction and pimping. The kind of thing that the Serious Organised Crime Agency should have been investigating.

From: Bradford's local newspaper

A WOMAN who gave harrowing evidence at an inquest into the cocaine overdose death of her friend has been told by a Coroner she had a lucky escape.

Stephanie Mohen, 21, described how a month before 20-year-old Shannon Morgan died, she had also been in the same Bradford city centre apartment where it happened, had also overdosed on cocaine and had been with the same man - Imran Khaliq.

Ms Mohen alleged Mr Khaliq on that occasion had been lining it up ready for her, insisting it all had to go and told the inquest she had eventually blacked out.

"I could not remember who I was or where I was when I came back round. I could not speak. I was really scared I had a brain tumour," she told an inquest yesterday.

The next day she was so worried that something had happened that she did not know about, that she took herself to hospital. She had a black eye.

Texts were read out from Ms Mohen to Mr Khaliq, of Silverhill Drive, Bradford Moor, with her threatening to go to the police.

Mr Khaliq had texted back: "You crazy. You fitted. I saved your life."

Ms Mohen who worked with Shannon at a pizza shop, said she had not touched cocaine since. She said she knew Shannon, who had introduced her to Mr Khaliq through another work colleague Arsalan Hussain, was taking cocaine and that she would do things she was ashamed of when using it.

Ms Mohen described one occasion when she and Shannon had been in a car with Mr Khaliq and other men and a huge bag of cocaine was freely passed round.

She said in a statement: "It's clear now in the cold light of day that the old males took advantage of us and perhaps wanted to use the cocaine to make us vulnerable."

"You have had a lucky escape," said Bradford Assistant Deputy Coroner Oliver Longstaff.

The inquest heard how the night Shannon died, Mr Khaliq had picked up keys to the empty apartment from a man he refused to name in court. Mr Khaliq had been overheard saying he wanted the keys "one last time".

Shannon, who had earlier been picked up from her home in Moser Avenue, Swain House, by Mr Hussain for Mr Khaliq and had gone with him to the Little Germany apartment in Hick Street.

The inquest heard how Mr Khaliq had later called Mr Hussain eight times in 40 minutes from 2.30am asking him to come as soon as he could and alone.

Mr Hussain, of Great Horton Road, did go but was with another friend Mohammed Darr, of Princeville Street.

They alleged once inside, Mr Khaliq locked them in and put the key in his pocket.

They became concerned for Shannon as he was acting weird and told them she had "a bit of an OD" and was just sleeping.

He would not let them in the bedroom but Mr Darr pretended he had first aid and took a look. He thought she was dead but Khaliq was "a bit overpowering" and would not let him ring straight away, he said.

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