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Three East Lancashire men charged with raping teen girl

These events are from 16 years ago. Note the ages of the men too. No doubt this case would never have seen light of day, except for the publicity around convictions in the last few years. The CPS needs to be investigated for its part in facilitating the grooming scandal.


FOUR men have appeared before a district judge charged with the rape and sexual assault of a girl aged between 12 and 17 in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Abbas Khan, 58, of Hubie Street, Burnley, was originally accused of four offences of rape and nine charges of indecent assault.

But prosecutors applied to District Judge Paul Clarke for two additional charges of rape, between June 1999 and June 2000, to be added.

Ijaz Khan, 46, of Casterton Avenue, Burnley, is accused of one charge of rape and eight offences of indecent assault, over a similar timeframe.

Nadeem Arif, 37, formerly of Craven Street, Accrington, but now of St James Court, Blackburn, faces one rape allegation.

And Javid Raza, 57, of Crosshill Road, Blackburn, is accused of six offences of indecent assault.

District Judge Clarke said: “The charges which three of you face can only be dealt with by the Crown Court.

“These are serious matters and I am satisfied that the other related matters should also be sent for trial.”

All four, who have already surrendered their passports to the authorities, were sent for trial to Burnley Crown Court and bailed until February 1.

None of the defendants must associate with each other, except through solicitors to discuss the case.

The district judge said they should not have any unsupervised contact with under-18s, without the consent and approval of an appropriate social services children’s department. This would not apply to their own children, when the defendants’ partners or spouses were in attendance.

Defence solicitors confirmed that the restriction did not apply to Ijaz Khan and Javid Raza, both market traders, during the course of their daily business.

Another 34-year-old man Amin Akhtar, of HMP Forest Bank, has been charged with one offence of rape and has been sent for trial at Burnley on the same date. The five defendants are all also banned from contacting a sixth man who has been on police bail, suspected of rape, since their original arrests last May.

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