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The Muslim community is still in denial about Rochdale

They are terrorists, drug-dealers & rapists because it is Islamic. Islam was founded by a murderer, who recruited criminals. They took non-Muslims as slaves, the female slaves being raped. This is all in the core texts of Islam.


On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, the BBC will be showing a dramatised version of the Rochdale child sexual exploitation scandal that came to light in 2012. It was but one investigation into large scale, organised sex abuse. Young white girls, many from unhappy, impoverished or chaotic families, were tempted with fake affection and cheap treats and then savagely, continuously raped, passed round and controlled. The agencies did little to intervene. These girls did not seem to matter to them.

The Rochdale abusers were all Muslim men. Most of them were husbands and fathers. In Rotherham, Derby, Leeds, Oldham, Blackburn and elsewhere, the grooming gangs were again almost all Pakistani Muslims. Most men on sex offenders’ registers are white; most men in grooming gangs are Asian Muslims.


The relevant social services, police forces and The Crown Prosecution Service have acknowledged their failings and are, we hope, reforming. But the rapists’ families and communities remain in denial. Nazir Afzal, himself a Muslim, was the heroic chief prosecutor of the north west who prosecuted the Rochdale gang and got them convicted. Several Rochdale Muslims have told me this made him a “race traitor” and a “coconut”- brown on the outside, white inside. I do understand how racist and neo-fascist factions use such crimes to recruit more members. But their causes and narratives are strengthened when perpetrators are shielded by the misguided. Secrets and lies cannot cover up the stench of heinous crimes. That festering stench has now spread to all of us Muslims. Human nature One of my dear Hindu friends told me recently she hates Muslims. Not me, of course, but the rest. Why? Because in 2016, her daughter was sexually harassed then assaulted by a group of young Muslim men in the northern town where she was a university student. She was too shaken and ashamed to report the assault. I have known the family since we were in Uganda. I held this girl when she was a baby, made her birthday cakes, sang her lullabies. I had no idea she had gone through this appalling violation until last week. When my friend told me about it, she barely contained her loathing for the followers of my faith. This is how it happens. Egregious acts by some generate and validate generic prejudices against, and suspicion of, entire ethnic and religious types. It’s human nature. It’s unfair. We all do it. Expanding excuses However, now a disproportionate number of Muslim boys and men are committing appalling offences, thereby encouraging a new wave of prejudice. The majority of Muslims live quiet, fulfilling, law abiding lives. But an increasing number of bros are joining terrorist circles or becoming drug suppliers and sexual exploiters.

Our prisons have never before held so many Muslim felons. Muslim males I grew up with were calmer and more honourable. As criminal behaviour surges, an expanding set of excuses are put forth by Muslim families, community and religious leaders and anti-racists

This can’t go on. The apologists will not watch these films. They have never felt for the poor girls. They blame the victims. Most pray and fast and think that washes away all sins. As Ramadan approaches, we conscientious Muslims should start to examine and openly discuss the cultural values that created so many sexual predators who think white girls are meat. We must claim these girls as our daughters. Because they are.


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Why Muslims Kill For Islam

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If you wonder if the book Mohammed's Koran is for you, read the 100s of five-star reviews the book received in its first few months on sale.

Amazon banned the sale of the only book on Islam that proves Islam has been a terrorist ideology since Year 1 of the Islamic calendar.  The book denounces violence and hatred, yet has been described as offensive by Amazon.  Meanwhile Amazon still sell copies of "Mein Kampf" (which advocates gassing Jews) and Amazon still sell books like "The Anarchist Cookbook" which (a bomb-making manual, the possession of which has led to terrorism charges in the UK).  Ebay has even banned the sale of used copies of Mohammed's Koran.  And from day one Google banned adverts for the book (instead the UK government spent a small fortune buying the top advertising slot to push their video begging people not to read the book).  Amazon staff are on record as saying that the order to ban the book came "from above Amazon". The propaganda from the state and the censorship from their tax-avoiding chums confirms the argument of Mohammed's Koran - the elite have knowingly invited this terrorist ideology into the West and they have sided with the terrorist ideology against the victims of terrorism.

With all this censorship you may not have heard of my new book (co-authored with Tommy Robinson). It was published at the end of July 2017.  The book went straight to No.1 on Amazon, and stayed there until the initial print-run of 5000 books sold out a few days later. For most of the following 18 months it was the No.1 best-selling Koran.  Muslims hated this fact.

The British media never reported on the book going straight to No.1.  They only reported on the book once sales of it had been banned.  

`The Koran, Decoded

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