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Six men arrested in Hull in probe into cross-county child sex grooming

Note: police IGNORED this gang until the social worker went public. The WHISTLEBLOWER was then punished. This is the same behaviour authorities demonstrated for decades. It is clear whose side the authorities are on.​ It's no wonder the politically-correct young social worker said they were "child prostitutes" -- this is what academics have been preaching since the early 1990s at least. The suspended social worker had been emailing the local MPs, and he was presumably punished for that.


The suspects, aged 24 to 43, were held by Humberside Police this week after the Sunday Express put concerns to the force raised by a retired social worker, who claimed there had been a lack of action against child sex abuse.

The investigation centres on seven teenage girls, but it is feared more could be involved.

Detective Superintendent Mat Hutchinson said: “Four girls have disclosed offences to us between 2017 and 2019.

“Offences against two of the girls have been reported to have taken place in Hull, with offences against the other two girls reported to have taken place outside of Humberside.”

The other three girls are also believed to have been taken to other counties, but they have yet to disclose offences.

Ian Newton, 64, a former senior social worker, who worked for Hull City Council through an agency, fears the problem of child sex grooming in Hull is more widespread.

He said: “I have been warning since starting work in Hull three years ago that this needs to be nipped in the bud.”

He added: “I know what is going on in Hull and know girls are being trafficked and I am letting politicians know, and like the man who is in debt, they do not want to open the letters, and so the problems are getting worse.

“One social worker told me he was sat around a table to discuss 14 year old girls having sex with men.

“This young social worker piped up, ‘This girl is a prostitute and it’s a lifestyle choice’.

“And we wonder why we have a grooming epidemic.”

But, he claimed that rather than prompting action, his raising of concerns ended up with him being suspended by Hull City Council last September. It came after the council lodged a fitness to practice complaint about him to the Health and Care Professions Council.

The council claimed he disclosed confidential information to a third party via an email, but was unable to provide any evidence and Mr Newton was cleared. He is now retired.

Mr Hutchinson dismissed claims of inaction. He said: “We carried out initial investigations into all offences that have been reported, including outside of our force area, as it was imperative we developed a full picture.

“We have been working with the girls, alongside support agencies and specialist teams, to help and encourage them in providing information and evidence.

“This is a lengthy and complex investigation and while action was taken as soon as disclosures were made to police, it has been our priority to spend time helping the girls with difficult conversations.”

He added: “Any reports of sexual offences and exploitation will always be taken seriously.”

Hull West MP Emma Hardy and Hull North MP Diana Johnson confirmed Mr Newton had frequently contacted them with concerns about sex abuse and both advised him to contact police.

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