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Shamed council chiefs launch hunt for whistleblower after secret sex abuse report is leaked

After failing to protect primary school girls from (Muslim?) taxi drivers, the local council goes after the whistleblower who revealed the council's cover-up. After decades of this pattern recurring, after the outrage over Rotherham, the same pattern/cover-up continues elsewhere in England.

RED-FACED council bosses are frantically trying to oust a whistleblower who leaked a secret report on taxi drivers allegedly abusing schoolgirls.

The investigation exposed the authority’s failure to act after a pair of men were accused of attacking a 16-year-old and five-year-old.

South Ribble Council in Lancashire failed to carry out background checks on local taxi drivers and did not carry out appropriate investigations into the allegations.

They allowed one driver to keep his licence more than a year after his arrest.

The Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case over concerns his young victim would struggle to give evidence in court.

That is despite police believing he DID commit the offences.

The report was leaked on Monday and has caused uproar throughout the Tory-controlled council.

But rather than call on the CPS to revisit the case of the accused driver, councillors claim chiefs are gagging them as they desperately try to identify the whistleblower.

A council source said: “It’s a farce, the council are trying to cover their tracks rather than seek justice.

“The police say they considered a driver abused a five-year-old girl. Yet nothing is being done.

“They should be calling on the CPS to revisit the case and find a way of bringing this man to account as the things he’s accused of make your skin crawl.

“Instead the council are have launched an immediate investigation to find out who exposed their failings.”

Since details of the report, which has not been made public, were published, councillors have been ordered to “keep their own counsel”.

The council scrambled a statement defending their actions, saying they “acted quickly and urgently to investigate these serious issues”.

But the 20-page report is still being kept confidential.

Critics are demanding the findings be released and blasted the council’s “cover-up”.

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