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Rotherham council urges ban on four men contacting girl

We're approaching a decade since the UK Human Trafficking Centre used taxpayer money to produce a video, warning girls how the Muslim grooming gangs operate. The video has never been shown. The girls get entrapped, making convictions difficult.


A judge has been asked to intervene to protect a "vulnerable teenage girl" being sexually exploited by four men.

Lawyers representing council bosses in Rotherham want a judge to order the men to stay away from the youngster.

Mr Justice Keehan has analysed preliminary issues in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

Police said there was insufficient evidence to secure criminal convictions against the men.

In late 2014, Mr Justice Keehan made civil court orders against 10 men from the Birmingham area, who had sexually exploited a teenage girl who was in local authority care, following "bold and novel" legal moves by council bosses.

Police said there was insufficient evidence to secure criminal convictions against the men.

Mr Justice Keehan imposed injunctions barring the men from contacting the teenager, and from approaching girls they did not know, following applications by Birmingham City Council.

He also ruled the 10 men, who could be jailed for being in contempt of court if they are found to have breached the orders, could be identified in media reports.

Lawyers representing Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council want the judge to take similar steps.

Rotherham hit the headlines two years ago after concerns were raised about youngsters being sexually exploited in the area.

In August 2014, a report said around 1,400 children had been sexually exploited in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, and found that many of the youngsters were already known to agencies.

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