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Police and council told 'significant improvement' needed to protect Hull kids from sexual exploitation

It's only a matter of time before a trial of a gang begins in Hull. Because the victims are not trained to same level of skill as the Muslim rape gangs, who have been getting away with this for 45 years.

Forty five children in Hull were identified as being at the highest risk of sexual exploitation last year, according to a new report.

Details of their circumstances have not been made public in the Hull Safeguarding Children Board's (HSCB) annual report.

However, it says more work needs to be done to ensure a "better understanding" of the issue and how agencies such as the police and the city council should respond to it.

Hull has yet to experience high-profile child grooming gang cases such as those seen recently in places like Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford and Huddersfield.

But the HSCB says complacency should not be allowed to set in.

Board manager Neil Colthup said: "Reducing harm to children from exploitation has been agreed as one the board's two main priorities for 2018/9 with a focus on better understanding the impact of the work.

"Further work is needed to strengthen partnership response to children who go missing and to improve return interview processes.

"The board maintains a focus on child sexual exploitation but is developing wider strategies and plans to address criminal exploitation and trafficking alongside child sexual exploitation and missing children as part of a single joined-up approach to tackling exploitation."

Four cases of missing children are reported in Hull every day, shocking figures reveal

Children identified at being at risk of sexual exploitation are now monitored at regular multi-agency meetings led by the police and social services staff held during the year.

Quarterly reports using shared information are compiled to provide data trends and identify so-called 'hotspot' locations where possible exploitation might be taking place.

According to the HSCB report, 395 children were reported missing from home in Hull during 2017/18. Of these, 67 were children in care.

New measures aimed at improving knowledge about children who go missing have recently introduced.

They include interviews being carried out with each child within 72 hours of them returning home or being found.

It says: "Whilst progress has been made there is still further work to do, in particular to more fully understand the extent of exploitation in Hull, the impact of the work currently undertaken and to make better use of intelligence to disrupt criminal behaviour.

"Further significant improvement is needed to practice in relation to missing children. A better shared understanding of risks and vulnerabilities is still needed to inform tactical and strategic responses."

Only two people convicted of child grooming in our area last year.

The report says "slower than desired" progress has been made on the introduction of mandatory training for taxi drivers on spotting and reporting signs of child sexual exploitation as a licence condition but says there has been some headway in offering similar training to hotel staff.


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