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Man found guilty of attempting to kidnap schoolgirls

28 year-old man attempted to kidnap six schoolgirls, aged between 11 and 13. Posing as a police officer, he tried to recruit others to drug & abduct schoolgirls. This Somali Muslim had only just been released from prison for rape. He'd used human rights law to stop his deportation.


Man found guilty of attempting to kidnap schoolgirls

A man who pretended to be an undercover police officer in an attempt to kidnap six schoolgirls aged between 11 and 13 has been found guilty at Wood Green Crown Court, today, Wednesday 13 July,

Abdi Waise, 28 (09.09.87) of Kenneth Robbins House, N17 was found guilty of:
= one count of kidnap [Girl 5]
= five counts of attempted kidnap [Girls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6]

Waise was initially arrested by officers from Haringey on Tuesday, 19 January on suspicion of a drugs offence following a stop and search. Whilst in custody he was further arrested on suspicion of attempted kidnap as he fitted the description being circulated, was in the area of the offences and had possession of a drug seen by witnesses.

Waise will be sentenced on 21 July at Wood Green Crown Court.

The court heard how on over the space of about two and a half hours on Monday, 18 January, Waise approached a boy in the West Green Road, N17 area, and offered to supply him cannabis. He then made his way to the Crouch End, N8 area where he approached six school girls, and used the ruse of being a police officer to attempt to make the girls go with him. His behaviour became increasingly erratic and determined after each failed attempt.

At about 07:53 that morning detectives evidenced Waise in a cab office on Hornsey Lane. The investigation established that having got off the number 41 bus Waise made his way to the cab office, asking for a car to pick his daughter up. This was despite having no children.

His first attempt was made not long after he left that cab office, and approached [Girl 1], who was waiting at a bus stop in Tottenham Lane, on her way to school.

Waise approached her, told her he was an undercover police officer, asked to search her bag and told her she could not get on the bus. The girl became concerned by his behaviour so went straight home. Waise followed her shouting at her in the street. The girl pointed Waise out to one of her parents who the challenged him. Waise then stated he was taking his daughters to school and left.

On a road off Tottenham Lane, Waise approached [Girl 2] who was on her way to school with a friend. He asked them if they had any substances. The girls became concerned very quickly and ran off.

In close proximity - both in terms of time and geography - [Girl 3] was approached by Waise. He tried a number of times to engage her in conversation before telling her he was a police officer looking for his daughter. The girl did not believe him and continued to walk off, he grabbed her wrist and became forceful in his assertion he was a police officer. She ran away from him very quickly and made it into her school where she immediately reported it to a teacher.

At about 08:10 in Ferme Park Road, Waise made his fourth attempt. This time he blocked the pathway of [Girl 4] and her friend, stated he was a police officer and accused them of buying drugs. He specifically showed the girls a glass bottle filled with liquid and asked if they had bought some. Waise continued his pretence and tired to lure the two girls to a nearby residential garden so he could search them.

This was the most determined effort yet, but still the girls did not believe him and ran off.

[Girl 4] noticed he was carrying two small bottles in a bag. Two such bottles were seized by police when he was stopped and searched the following day and were confirmed as being isopropyl nitrate.

Waise then targeted a group of school boys near the clock tower in Crouch End. He offered them money to use the isopropyl nitrate on a girl, stating that it would make the girl faint and they could do whatever you want to them. He tried to enlist the boys in his attempt to engage girls but was rebuffed.

The next attempt took place in the nearby area of Park Road immediately after his meeting with the boys. Here he approached [Girl 5]. He once again claimed to be a police officer, but also stated he knew the girl's mother and that she had said it was ok to go to his house to have breakfast with him. The girl became increasingly concerned as Waise controlled her journey, before she attempted to run off. Waise pulled her back and continued in his efforts to get her to come with him. The girl was later able to spot an opportunity to escape and ran off. She made it into school and told a teacher.

Waise's final attempt was made at about 09:10 when he approached [Girl 6] at a bus stop. He grabbed her by the shoulder and stated he was a police officer and told her she had to go with him. The girl was scared so ran away and told a teacher as soon as she could.

All the girls were aged between 11-14, and all were on their way to local schools.

Extra officers were put on patrol in and around the area after the incidents were reported to the police over the 18 and 19 January. On 19 January plain clothes officers stopped and searched Waise in Sydney Road, N8. He was arrested after they found two small bottles of isopropyl nitrate on him. Whilst in custody he was further arrested for the attempted abductions as he fitted the description, was in the area of the offences and had possession of isopropyl nitrate as described by the witnesses.

DCI Paul Trevers, in overall charge of the investigation from Haringey CID, said: "Waise went out with the plan of abducting a girl. He made concerted and increasingly desperate attempts over the course of about two and half hours.

"When deception didn't work, he became increasingly forceful. Fortunately all the girls saw through his ruse, and whilst frightened all made it away safely.

"I want to praise the incredibly brave children involved in this matter - both victims and witnesses. They have gone through a very frightening ordeal and shown immense courage, not only at the time of the offences but also when forced to relive their experiences during the trial process.

"I also place on record my thanks for partners in education and Probation who were very supportive of our policing plan to prevent further offences, as well as identifying the offender.

"Offences such as these are extremely rare, and due to our increased and proactive police operation out on the streets Waise was caught within 24 hours."

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