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Concerns have been raised that eight teenage girls in Lanarkshire are being sexually groomed by a gang of Asian men from Glasgow


The Wishaw Press has been told a group of men from Glasgow have targeted the girls - some whom are under the age of sexual consent - and have threatened them with violence if they tell anyone about the seedy goings-on.
Anyone worried about girls being sexually groomed are urged to contact the police and tell them about concerns.
Residents have said the predators are contacting the youngsters through social media and then meeting up with them at a bridge between Dimsdale and Pather and then taking them in a car to sexually abuse them at a house in the Govan area of Glasgow.
It’s understood they are supplying them with gifts and booze and then taking advantage of them before dropping them back off in Wishaw.
A source told the Wishaw Press the girls have been “brainwashed” into thinking the men are their boyfriends.
Families are too frightened to speak out in fear of reprisals after being threatened if they inform authorities what is going on.
Now questions are being raised whether parents do know where their daughters are going at the weekends, where they are staying and who they are with.
A 12-man Asian grooming gang in Rochdale, England, were jailed for over 140 years in total for abusing a 13-year-old girl in Keighley last year.
The gang preyed on teenage girls, plying them with drink and drugs before abusing them.
The source said abuse is “escalating” and urgent action is needed.
There have been calls for immediate action to be taken to stop young girls being sexually abused by the Asian gang.
One source told the Wishaw Press: “The police and social work have been informed about this.
“It is something similar to what happened in Rochdale and it has to be stopped.
“There needs to be a full investigation into this.
“The girls are told there will be repercussions if they tell anyone.
“They have been brainwashed and say that the men are their boyfriends.
“Most of the girls are from Wishaw but there are some from elsewhere.
“We don’t know exactly how many are involved. But there could be about eight from Wishaw.
“They are meeting at a bridge between Dimsdale and Pather.
“You don’t expect something like this to be happening here.
“It is escalating.”
And the source said parents should know exactly what their children are doing, who they are with and where they are going.
The source added: “Children are walking about with rucksacks at the weekend.
“Do the parents know where their children are going and who they are with?
“Are their children receiving expensive gifts like clothes or phones. Is there anything unusual?
“There is a lot of under-age drinking taking place.
“A 13-year-old girl was found drunk and slumped in the street.”
Wishaw councillor Fiona Fotheringham said: “Any reports of sexual grooming in the area is concerning. I have spoken to social work and the police and neither partners have had any reports and are unaware of any issues of this nature.
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