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Child sex monsters caged for "horrendous abuse" of teenager in Oxford

This case alone has every single element of the classic grooming phenomenon (all in bold). Since the events happened 10 years ago, I do not believe that the social workers tried very hard to help the girl bring these child-rapists to justice.

TWO ‘cousins’ who abused, raped and prostituted a vulnerable girl with severe learning difficulties have been jailed for a total of 23 years.

Salik Miah and Azad Miah, both from Oxford, plied their victim, who was in care, with alcohol to commit their crimes.

The men lured their victim into an empty house, raped her on a “dirty bed” before selling her body to others to abuse her further.

Jurors at Oxford Crown Court heard how the then 14-year-old victim was left feeling “frazzled” and “disorientated” after Salik and Azad Miah abused her at the abandoned house in Meadow Lane, Iffley.

Prosecutor Abigail Husbands told the court Azad Miah drove the girl – who had the social and verbal skills of a six or seven-year-old – to the house,  where Salik Miah and three other men were waiting.

The two sex predators told her “everything would be fine” moments before she was told to snort five lines of cocaine from a table and was plied with alcohol.

Ms Husbands told jurors the teenager, who lived in care homes, suddenly became weak, feeling as if her “voice had been taken away” from her.

She went on to tell the jury the victim was taken into a room by the pair, who then raped her simultaneously on a “dirty bed”.

Salik Miah, 34, of Ferry Hinksey Road, West Oxford, was jailed for 11 years, while Azad Miah, 37, of Riverside Court, Oxford, was jailed for 12 years.

They were convicted yesterday of conspiracy to rape, two counts of rape and one count  of arranging or facilitating child prostitution between January, 2005, and March, 2007.

Jurors heard the two men,  described as “cousins” in court, left the room but were seen through a gap in the door exchanging money with the three other males, who then took turns to abuse her.

Oxford Crown Court was told the sex offenders would use nicknames to conceal their identity from their victim – Salik Miah going by Naz and Azad Miah known as Taz.

The paedophiles would arrange to deliberately meet her away from the care
homes, keeping away from prying eyes.

She was given a mobile phone by one of them, also receiving clothes, food and cigarettes by the men who groomed her.

Social workers felt “powerless” when the teenage victim would go missing from the children’s homes, with staff feeling “constantly” worried about her.

Speaking of evidence given by one social worker, Ms Husbands said: “He felt
powerless to assist or protect her because he was told they could not really prevent her from going out and they could only contact police if they couldn’t find her.”

The jury heard the victim would be picked up by ‘Taz’ but would be forced to sit in the back seat when they drove around the city.

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