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Brazen grooming gang member told victim's mum: 'The police won't touch us, they don't like P***s'

As shown in Easy Meat, the BBC led the charge in 2004 to claim those who exposed these gangs were racists. From 1997 until they succeeded in 2006 the Labour government had been trying to make it a serious criminal offence to say anything about Muslims that Muslims found offensive. The British state and the Left gave these Muslim rape gangs the green light to rape schoolgirls.


A brazen member of the Huddersfield grooming gang told the mother of one of their victims: "The [police] won't touch me, they don't like us P***s".

Girl L's mum has spoken out and described a phone call she had with Irfan Ahmed, also known as Finny.

He used to traffic her teenage daughter and pass her on to other men for sex, including one time when she was raped in a car park by a stranger, she thought without contraception.

She said: "The men would ring up sometimes and she'd throw her phone at me and say 'Please tell them to go away, I don't want to go, I don't want to go'.

"Then I would speak to them and then they'd threaten me."

Describing the conversation with Finny, she said he told her to tell her daughter to stay away from him – a tactic he also used when speaking to the police about his main victim Girl C.

The mother replied: "I've reported you to the police for child sexual exploitation."

She said he replied: "Bring it on, they won't touch me, they don't like us P***s."

Girl L's mum also described her struggle to get West Yorkshire Police to control the men, saying it 'fell it on deaf ears' and 'nobody was interested'.

She said: "Every day I was ringing them up with different information - number plates, addresses, names of people, phone numbers of people.

"I used to sit outside their houses for long enough looking for my daughter, having to go to different towns looking for her.

"She'd ring me up in states at three/four in the morning: 'Can you come and collect me from Bradford?'

"It was just horrific.

"We were passing all this information on and all they would say is 'we're building up intelligence' and this went on for years."

When asked if she pushed the police to do more than build intelligence, she replied: "I believe that we were told that they weren't going to do anything about it.

"They obviously for some bizarre reason weren't [going to do anything about it].

"They were saying that the girls weren't coming to them and saying that this was happening, but all us parents were."

And when asked what she thought the reason was, she said: "I think being in fear of being called racist. I think that's got a lot to do with it.

"But it's not that at all, is it?

"People are rapists no matter what they are. They're still rapists and these are children so they're paedophiles."

She added that if she tried to ground her daughter the police would warn her it was false imprisonment and if she allowed her daughter to go out with the men they would warn that it was neglect.

West Yorkshire Police denied that the force were afraid of being accused of racism because of the defendants' ethnicity.

A spokesperson said: "This investigation has always focused on the allegations made by the victim and has been conducted in a thorough and transparent manner.

"The fear of such accusations have never arisen nor have such fears influenced the ambition to conduct a complete investigation."

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