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Barry Sheerman says new grooming cases not investigated due to lack of resources

The British state and its army of public employees gave these Muslim rape gangs the green light for 45 years. Of course they haven't got the resources. This was pointed out in Easy Meat in 2014. No-one listened. The book and its predictions are all coming true.


Barry Sheerman has said new child grooming cases are not being taken on because of a lack of resources.

Speaking in the Commons, the Huddersfield MP said today that "senior police sources" had claimed the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) does not have the capacity to take on new cases linked to such abuse.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, the Government's chief legal adviser, said the matter would be of "profound concern" if true and confirmed he would look into it.

Mr Sheerman was speaking as four members of the Huddersfield grooming gang were being sentenced for child sex crimes.

Last month, a reporting restriction on the case was relaxed, revealing the convictions and that 16 members had already been jailed.

Mr Sheerman said: "Is the Attorney General aware that a group of MPs - cross-party - have had dreadful crimes against children, have been told by senior police sources very recently that the CPS has not got the capacity to be able to take on new cases so that men that they know have dreadful offences against children, these cases are not being pursued because the Crown Prosecution Service does not have the resources.

"That's a very serious worry."

Mr Cox replied: "If it were true I'd say to (Mr Sheerman) I would share your profound concern and I will look into it as a consequence of him raising it this morning."

Labour MP Nick Smith (Blaenau Gwent) earlier warned: "The CPS has lost more than 400 prosecutors due to cuts since 2010.

"Is this why the outgoing director of the CPS (Alison Saunders) says our criminal justice system is creaking?"

Mr Cox replied: "I noted carefully the DPP's concerns on that matter.

"The performance, the conviction rates of the CPS are still at the highest they have been in many years, and therefore they don't show any sign that it is creaking as a consequence of manpower.

"What I think the DPP was referring to was something that is a real challenge we have to face and that is the increasing volumes of evidence - particularly digital evidence from smartphones and computers - that is placing a real strain both on the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

"That is something I shall be tackling shortly in the review that I'm publishing on disclosure."

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