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The Media Bogeyman: "the Far Right"

The phrase "far-right" now has no other meaning than: someone telling the truth about Islam and the effects of Islam on the social fabric of the UK.

Anne Marie Waters talks about how the media throw around the term "far right" in order to dog-whistle their audience into not listening to what pro-freedom groups are about.

History will show that the journalists betrayed Europe, human rights, democracy and the Englightenment. The media use the phrase "the far right" as a bogeyman, a way of treating a public with universal literacy and adult responsibilities as if they are too stupid and too lazy to think for themselves. The journalists want to flag up thoughts and actions as unthinkable, beyond the pale. Even when these thoughts are the same Enlightenment thoughts which the media pretend they too uphold.

One of the things I did in my book Easy Meat - Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal was to show that the police experts had investigated the English Defence League and judged that they were not a "far-right" group. The media just continued repeating the slur of the UAF, an organisation run by Communists and Muslim fundamentalists. It did not matter to the media nor the UAF that black and white men from EDL had denounced racism and burned a Swastika on Newsnight in their first national interview on British TV in 2009. The mechanism by which the media perform their deceit, is to over-shadow the truthful reporting by uncritically repeating the claims of the Communist and Muslim organisations.  The original video from Newsnight in 2009 is still to be found on the BBC website. But no-one would go looking for it, because they know that "EDL are far-right, because everyone says they are".

The phrase "far-right" now has no other meaning than: someone telling the truth about Islam and the effects of Islam on the social fabric of the UK. The media know they cannot produce any evidence of individual policies or statements which would indicate these groups are "far right". It is a ubiquitous slur, what George Orwell would designate "a time of universal deceit".  Orwell's Ministry of Truth in 1984 was modeled on the BBC. Orwell realised how the mass media were able to make a population believe that black was white. Goebbels knew this too.  And the elite in the UK have taken Orwell's warning as a rule-book; the people have forgotten Orwell's warnings.

Over and over again, childcare professionals, journalists and politicians invoked the bogeyman of the far right in order to excuse their silence and their blindness when it came to the organized rape of schoolgirls. Eventually, people will ask: what were the local and national media doing to draw attention to the Muslim grooming gangs between 1988 and 2010? The answer will be: nothing. The silence of the journalists was the lynch-pin to decades of concealment of the biggest scandal in Britain in the last 100 years.

Why Muslims Kill For Islam

The book has now been re-printed and customers all over the world can now buy Mohammed's Koran (the No.1 best-seller banned by Amazon).


If you wonder if the book Mohammed's Koran is for you, read the 100s of five-star reviews the book received in its first few months on sale.

Amazon banned the sale of the only book on Islam that proves Islam has been a terrorist ideology since Year 1 of the Islamic calendar.  The book denounces violence and hatred, yet has been described as offensive by Amazon.  Meanwhile Amazon still sell copies of "Mein Kampf" (which advocates gassing Jews) and Amazon still sell books like "The Anarchist Cookbook" which (a bomb-making manual, the possession of which has led to terrorism charges in the UK).  Ebay has even banned the sale of used copies of Mohammed's Koran.  And from day one Google banned adverts for the book (instead the UK government spent a small fortune buying the top advertising slot to push their video begging people not to read the book).  Amazon staff are on record as saying that the order to ban the book came "from above Amazon". The propaganda from the state and the censorship from their tax-avoiding chums confirms the argument of Mohammed's Koran - the elite have knowingly invited this terrorist ideology into the West and they have sided with the terrorist ideology against the victims of terrorism.

With all this censorship you may not have heard of my new book (co-authored with Tommy Robinson). It was published at the end of July 2017.  The book went straight to No.1 on Amazon, and stayed there until the initial print-run of 5000 books sold out a few days later. For most of the following 18 months it was the No.1 best-selling Koran.  Muslims hated this fact.

The British media never reported on the book going straight to No.1.  They only reported on the book once sales of it had been banned.  

`The Koran, Decoded

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