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A Family of Perpetrators: A Distinctive Feature of the Grooming Gang Scandal

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the grooming gang phenomenon in England, is the number of family members involved in the seduction, pimping and rape of the schoolgirl victims. I know of no attempt to map these connections, so here is my first attempt to provide this kind of analysis.

One aspect of the grooming gang phenomenon which is discussed but rarely in any detail, is that these gangs have significant numbers of men who are brothers, uncles, cousins. This is one of the characteristics which sets this form of child abuse apart from other forms, along with the disparity in ethnicity between victims and perpetrators and the universality with which the authorities have pretended grooming gangs did not exist.

No attempt has been made to link these convicts across the trials in one town across the years, let alone to display the network across the country.  One impediment to this, is that the UK courts do not keep transcripts for more than 5 years. So this would need to be an on-going project to fully explicate how these people are connected. 

Below is a preliminary attempt to communicate just how often family members are being convicted for these crimes. The bubbles indicate where a surname was found more than once in those convicted in a town. If a lone surname occurs in convictions in more than one trial in a town, then it is also included as a potential family connection. Out of 47 trials, there are 22 cases where there are known family members convicted in that trial, or cases where those convicted share the same surname. There is not one trial where the few non-Muslims involved in grooming have been family members: that is, every single instance where this characteristic feature of the grooming gangs exists, those who are doing this are part of a Muslim family network.

The statistics which allow one to construct this diagram are only found on my website. No public body or newspaper has deemed it important to collect this data so that the public could grasp the scale of this scandal. My book is the only book which explains how a scandal of this magnitude could have been concealed for so many decades.

network of surnames in towns with grooming gang convictions in England

To see a high-resolution image of this graphic go here.

It is almost certainly going to be the case, that the above mapping of surnames to convictions is going to underestimate the frequency with which family members are involved.

  1. most of the "clients" of the pimps are never found, so only a subset of those involved ever get arrested
  2. only a subset of those arrested get charged (depending on amount of evidence)
  3. only a subset of those charged get convicted (depending on the ability of barristers, kinds of juries, victims' ability to testify and withstand intimidation)
  4. those convicted who are related by marriage (thus having different surnames) will not be found using this method
  5. those cases where perpetrators have family members in other towns who are convicted for for these crimes will not be picked up by this method (even if they have the same surname).
  6. other relatives might be convicted for sexual offences against non-Muslim girls, which would mean they did not register in our category of grooming gang perpetrators (they might also have been involved in grooming gang activities, just they were caught and convicted as a lone offender).
  7. often Muslim relatives of those charged with grooming gang offences will attempt to derail the trials, and their actions would be included in this network of criminality

If the proper resources were put into analysing these connections, a distinctive trait of this crime, then a fuller understanding of the complexity of the connections between those who groomed, pimped and raped these schoolgirls would become manifest.  But as with the thousands of childcare-professionals who kept quiet about the gangs, so thousands of academics, criminologists and journalists are going to keep quiet about these family connections among grooming gangs in England.

It is undoubtedly true, that the network of family relations between those involved in these crimes is far wider and far more inter-connected that this simple diagram would indicate.

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