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Let's Focus on Rotherham, so we can Ignore Small Towns in the North East of England

This is probably going to turn out to be the largest grooming gang trial in England since these began in 1997. The north-east of England was not even on the map of grooming gangs in England until Dec 2013, some 25 years after these gangs were first identified in the West Midlands. Operation Sanctuary was not even mentioned by the media until June 2013. It is interesting how Northumbria Police enlisted the public's support to provide information on this gang's activities. It seems likely that in areas with a greater concentration of Muslims (West Midlands, Lancashire, West Yorkshire) such a campaign aimed at the divided communities would not even have been conscionable, let alone successful.

March 15th.

I've been contacted by someone who's been keeping a close eye on Operation Sanctuary. I now have a list of 47 names of people charged/convicted as part of this one police operation in Northumbria.  I will post an account of all 47 names, linked to the news reports of their convictions. On even a superficial glance it is clear there are some cases which should have been included in my statistics of those jailed for grooming gang crimes.

I would bet that most people in England have never even heard of Bedlington, the town where these accused men were charged. It's a town in the north-eastern county of Northumbria, north of Newcastle (a city which one hopes most people could roughly locate on a map). How can such a large grooming trial be happening in an area of the country which most people couldn't even locate on a map, and which has no name for being Islamised?

The names of those charged in Operation Sanctuary have come out in dribs and drabs. Below is the most complete list available (compiled from a variety of different statements by Northumbria Police). Nowhere can I find a complete list from this police force, nor from the local newspaper. There are 26 names listed below (as of 9th March 2016). News reports said there were 31 who had been charged, but after trawling through many reports, I can only find the 26 names below.

When the names in this case have been made public, they are listed in no discernible order (not by surname, not by age).  Below the names are listed alphabetically by surname.  Once again, a pattern of family relations appears to be found in this investigation; a pattern the police and media seem determined to ensure the public are unable to identify. Moreover as I explain in the above link, the pattern of family connections may be even greater than lists like that below implies.

Taherul Alam
 Mohammed Hassan Ali
 Ebrahim Ali
 Ahmed Ali
Nadeem Aslam
Mohammed Azram
Monjur Choudhury
Carolann Gallon
 Yassar Hussain
 Badrul Hussain
Saiful Islam
Mohammed Khalique
Abdulhamid Minoyee
Karzan Mohammed
Eisa Mousavi
Prabhat Nelli
Habibur Rahim
Rashid Rehman
Ibrahim Rousel
Abdul Sabe
Awan Shahnawaz
Redwan Siddquee
Nashir Uddin
 Jahangir Zaman
 Shiek Zaman
Abdul Khayum

There is one woman's name in the above list (a non-Muslim). It would appear all the others charged by Northumbria Police are Muslims. Here's an extract from the local council's Census data on religion (hidden away in a spreadsheet on the council website - their main article on this demographic could hardly go further out of its way to conceal the actual number of Muslims in the area):

 Northumberland Minority Religions 2011 Census

So, according to the local council there are just over 1000 Muslims in the entire area. How is it that the media, childcare professionals and academics continue to refuse to consider that Islam is the single unifying factor among those accused of such crimes?  Journalists have no trouble identifying these men as "Asian" rather than "Muslim".  Of course, it could be that all these men are found not guilty, and their guilt should not be pre-judged based on the fact that they are Muslims.  But let's note: there's no Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh names among those charged north of Newcastle, and in total there's more of those Asian religions in Northumberland than there are Muslims, yet still the media use "Asian" to describe this case.

When this goes to trial You can expect that the media will do the following things:

  1. national media may report on the start and end of the trial (they may ignore it altogether); if they do report on it, prominence will be given to the non-Muslim being charged
  2. national media will continue to focus on Rotherham, the designated scapegoat
  3. the local media north of Newcastle will report regularly on the details of the case
  4. none of the media will comment on the fact that the vast majority of those being charged are Muslims
  5. no-one will comment on the fact that there are only 1018 Muslims in the entire county where this trial took place
  6. no-one will comment on the even larger number of "clients" who escape prosecution, nor what their ethnicity might be (120 people were arrested in this case)

The above rules have been the Standard Operating Procedure since early 2015. My book is the only place where this has been analysed.

One thing that does seem to be outstanding in Northumbria is the policing. Below are the parameters of Operation Sanctuary, as stated by Northumbria Police.

  • Operation Sanctuary is an investigation into allegations of a series of sexual offences predominantly within Newcastle, but also in other local authority areas, involving a number of men from a range of communities and vulnerable female victims, including teenagers and young adults.

  • We are aware that groups of men are befriending vulnerable girls and women with the intention of using them for sex.

  • We believe the girls/women are befriended by one or more of the men over a period of time and then attend addresses with them where there are other men present. The women and girls are often under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are then subject to sexual assault/rape.

  • We need the public’s help to identify such situations and report them to us. They might know of addresses where such activity is taking place, they may hear or see something or have heard repeated rumours. This is what we want them to tell us about. They should contact us on 101.

  • The police can’t do this alone – we all have a collective social responsibility to make our communities a no go area for these men.

  • The victims so far are all vulnerable in some way. This could be that they have a chaotic lifestyle, a drug or alcohol addiction or are, or have been, in care. This may be someone you recognise or someone you think may be on the verge of becoming involved.

  • This is about ensuring that such criminal activity has no place in our communities and we will disrupt those involved and stop it happening. We are confident that the key to this is the support of local people – they are the eyes and ears in the community that can prevent this.

  • This is not about targeting men in specific communities but is about men with appalling attitudes towards vulnerable teenagers and women and stopping their behaviour.

  • These crimes are happening behind closed doors, in local streets and it is likely that people living nearby recognise the behaviour we describe. It may be groups of men going into properties with teenage girls or one or two women. They might see women under the influence of drink or drugs who might appear distressed in some way. We need them to report this to us.  If it is innocent then nothing will happen to them. But this allows us to check and may avoid someone else becoming a victim.

  • We also know some of these girls and women may frequent certain businesses which brings them into contact with these men so we will be visiting the premises and speaking to those who work there and those who hang around.

  • We also believe that the victims are transported in taxis to the different addresses – again we will be speaking to all taxi firms to ask for their help if they spot anything that appears suspicious or fits the description of what we are looking at.

  • To date 30 people have been arrested for conspiracy to rape women (28 men and 2 women).Those arrested come from a range of communities and backgrounds.

  • This includes three further arrests that were made after an allegation of rape by a woman in her 20s this week. She felt confident enough to report the incident immediately to police and this is what we need people to do.

  • The majority of the arrests were as a result of 27 searches on properties predominantly in Newcastle, but also in Gateshead and South Tyneside. The properties searched were identified as a direct result of information given to police from a range of sources about specific individuals.

  • All 30 have been interviewed and have been bailed pending further enquiries.

  • We have received a lot of information that now requires further analysis and this takes time. However, investigation is continuing at a vigourous pace and a dedicated team of officers is working on it.

  • We have seized a number of items that now require forensic analysis – this takes time to complete but it is important that this is done.

  • At the start of the investigation we discussed several identified victims who were teenage girls and young adults.

  • We now want to speak to approximately a further 80 women, the majority of whom are adults, who may hold information vital to the investigation.

  • We know who these women are and will be making contact with them. We must stress that these women are not necessarily victims but we believe may have information that can help us.

  • We will be working with our partners to approach these conversations in a sensitive and appropriate way.

  • We believe the women and suspects are linked or known to each other in some way.

  • Our absolute priority is to protect any victims or potential victims and we are working closely with those involved and our partners to ensure they receive appropriate support.


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