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Mapping the Grooming Gangs in England

One of the few options open to those who do not work in the childcare industry, is to document and map convictions for the sexual abuse of women and schoolgirls, to see where this might overlap with the Muslim grooming gang phenomenon, a phenomenon concealed by the childcare industry.

Anyone who attempts to map this problem will struggle to find any official overview of the problem. In fact, after Rotherham was designated as an exceptionally bad town as far as social services, law enforcement and local administration, the media seem to lose any interest in considering the scale or the locality of the problems.  

In this vacuum it feel to ordinary people to try and map the problem. The most dedicated and significant website in this regard was "Kafir Crusaders" whose map turns up prominently in any search for mappings of the grooming gang phenomenon.

As I want to show this map at a particular scale, I've taken a photo of the map (the map itself is interactive, and the details at each mapped point can be viewed at the originating site.

This map is far more wide-ranging than the subset of crimes on which Peter McLoughlin has focused.

In the Appendices of my book Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal, I include a map of all the locations where these gangs have been tried and convicted. Below is that image, showing the towns in England where there have been grooming gang convictions. I supplied the town names so that those unfamiliar with the geography of England could still follow the book when different towns were named in the text.

There are fewer entries on my map, because the crimes on which my book focuses are a sub-set of the crimes in which the other author is interested. 

map of grooming gang convictions in England

You might also like to look at the statistics for convictions for grooming gang sex-crimes, and the graphical representation of the family connections found in these grooming gang convictions.

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