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Islamophobia or Kuffarphobia: Which is Worse?

Introduction to the concept of "Kuffarphobia"

I'm sure most people have never heard of the concept of Kuffarphobia, but they have heard of Islamophobia. Here I shall discuss the differences.

What is Islamophobia?

The concept of Islamophobia was invented in England in 1997. Since more than 90% of people in England by that time could not tell you what Islam was about, and since the Muslim population of the UK in that year was about 1.5 million, then it is clear the vast majority of people in the UK knew no Muslims. So why would the UK population be prone to "Islamophobia" but not "Hindu-ophobi" or "Sikhophobia"?  What would most people have associated Islam and Muslims with?  The most newsworthy incidents would have been terrorism and the Rushdie Affair (where British Muslims promised to implement a ruling in sharia law from an Iranian Muslim: kill the author Salman Rushdie for writing a novel about Islam).

When a small immigrant population are known to be associated with terrorism and murderous censorship, isn't there some basis to fear them and their violent religion?  Assuming there is such at things as "Islamophobia", then it has only existed for a couple of decades, and came into being based on the behaviour of Muslims and the beliefs of Islam. One French philosopher has even claimed that the concept of "Islamophobia" was originally invented in the 1970s by the very fascistic Iranian clerics who commanded Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie: Pascal Bruckner said the very purpose of inventing this concept was to silence all criticism of Islam. That may well be true, but the word (and concept) were first introduced in the English language in 1997.

What is Kuffarphobia?

In Islam, Kuffars are those beings who are not Muslim. Thus, Jews, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Pagans, Hindus are all considerered Kuffars. That is, belonging to the group who are Kuffars says nothing about a member, except that s/he does not identify as a Muslim. Indeed, in Islam the word "kuffar" means "a belief system other than Islam". Even those Muslims who attempt to reform or change Islam are often denounced as "takfiri", a term of abuse which shares the same semantic root ("kfr") as does "kuffar". Thus, not only Atheists but any Muslim who attempts to justify any life other than that of a "fundamentalist" can be designated as "kuffar". Kuffarphobia is then the hatred of anyone or anything which is not part of (fundamentalist) Islam.

So, from what year can we date the concept of Kuffarphobia from? Well, Mohammed the founder of Islam started having his "visions" in the year 610 AD. So, by the time of Shakespeare, there had already been 1000 years of Muslims who were kuffarphobic. Thus Kuffarphobia has existed since the time when Mohammed founded Islam.

Where Can I Find The Texts Pronouncing This Hatred?

In the case of Islam, that is easy. All the core texts of Islam are obsessed with kuffars. Almost every other page of the Koran distinguishes between Muslims ("the believers") and the Kuffars ("the unbelievers", the Jews, the Pagans, etc.)  When the Koran is put in chronological order, then the last words of the founder of Islam are variations of "kill the Kuffars".

In the case of Kuffar, those belief systems other than Islam, it is almost impossible to find any texts which say "kill the Muslims". Such texts just don't exist. Our society will not permit them. Thus, every Muslim can walk round with a book calling for the murder of non-Muslims. But Kuffars are banned from carrying around a book which says "kill the Muslims".  Even if one searches in the most obscure and unknown corners of the internet, one cannot find manuals which command people to "kill the Muslims".

So, which "phobia" is worse?  Islam, the Kuffarphobia which has existed for 1400 years, and whose adherents carry around and distribute books calling for the death of unbelievers?  Or Islamophobia, a hatred of Islam, a phobia which has only existed for 20 years, and which does not command the murder of Muslims?

In case you still find this distinction hard to grasp, here's another explanation.

Why Muslims Kill For Islam

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