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Islam: The Religion of Peace

How did this lie ever take flight? Go to Amazon and search for "Guillaume Muhammed". Guillaume was a 20th century Professor at the University of London. His work on this book was celebrated by Muslim academics across the world. The boook is printed by Oxford University Press. If this book was considered blasphemous in 21st century Pakistan, it could not be printed there.

Below is a screenshot of the Table of Contents for Guillaume's edition of The Life of Muhammed.

Shows that Mohammed was a warlord, and that immigration, subjugation, criminality, slavery are the basis for spreading Islam.

This biography of Mohammed is fundamental to all interpretations of Islam. It is the principal means by which the Koran can be put in chronological order (the ordinary Koran you can buy or find on the internet has chapters which are all jumbled-up in terms of time). When these chapters are put in the correct chronological order (based on this, the first Muslim biography of Mohammed, it is clear the Koran ends with calls for apartheid and genocide.

You can see from the above highlighted image (click the image to see a larger version), the people of the West have been deceived for decades to permit Muslims to immigrate to our countries. All the time, the educated elite have known that Mohammed was a warlord, who used assassination, genocide, slavery, piracy and rape in order to subjugate non-Muslims.

The proof of your deception is available by you visiting Amazon and just examining this Table of Contents. Go and see for yourself, here's the link to this book. Is it any surprise, if this is the man Muslims are told is the perfect model for their conduct, that the UK, the Netherlands,etc. have seen this outbreak of Muslim rape gangs? Are you not angry that you and your family and friends have been deceived for decades?

Why Muslims Kill For Islam

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`The Koran, Decoded

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