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ISIS Institutionalized Slavery

Of course Islamic State institutionalized sexual slavery. The absence of slavery among Muslims is a blip in a 1400 year tradition. As I explained in my book Easy Meat in 2014 (before ISIS existed) the Muslim grooming gangs in the UK were taking the Kuffar girls as sex-slaves. In my book Mohammed's Koran I prove that the ruling elites in the West have known that the absence of the Islamic State (Caliphate) from the world stage was also a blip in a 1400 year history.

I've assembled a string of tweets into a single document. This Lebanese (Muslim?) reporter found more than 5000 official ISIS documents. She could only carry a subset away (that was 5000 documents). As I pointed out in the 2nd edition of Easy Meat: Amnesty International released their report on ISIS sex slavery on 23rd December - one of the best days of the year to bury inconvenient news. When I visited the HQ of Amnesty in London it was full of Muslims.

1/ ISIS files I found in Syria show slavery of Yazidis much more institutionalized than previously known.

Docs reveal:

ISIS paid fighters $50 p/m per slave
ISIS Human Resources booklets give number of slaves
ISIS Ministry of Health cards mention nbr of slaves

2/ I found ISIS receipt book with “records of financial support for Mujahid”. It shows monthly salary each fighter gets from ISIS, based on family situation.

Receipt book shows ISIS fighter gets $50 per month if he has a slave &$35 if he has child of a slave.

3/ I also found booklet issued by "ISIS Human Resources department". Booklet must be carried by all ISIS administrative workers.

In it workers had to answers questions like: How much furniture, weapons did u get from ISIS? Also: How many slaves do u have?

4/ Among #ISISfiles I found in Syria is a card with title "lack of disease card", issued by ISIS Health Ministry. Everybody who wanted to marry in ISIS territory had to fill out one.

Questions on card include: Name, country of origin, number of wives &number of slaves.

5/ Also found pamphlet of “ISIS committee of Research &Fatwa”.

It includes 6 reasons for enslaving women &children. “Enslavement breaks the woman psychologically, makes her choose Islam by force or choice."

This doc already known but again found near Raqqa.

6/ After collapse of ISIS in Syria/Iraq, many arrested ISIS members now want to whitewash their role &claim they had no idea slavery existed in ISIS.

But the #ISISfiles I found show slavery is very much widespread in ISIS ranks.

ISIS institutionalized slavery.

7/ Based on #ISISfiles I found, these people in ISIS territory knew about slavery:
-ISIS fighters
-ISIS financial officials
-ISIS administrative workers
-ISIS Human Resources department
-ISIS Ministry of Health (doctors, nurses..)
-Civilian couples wanting to get married

8/ Let me explain now how I found the #ISISfiles.

In 2017 @haralddoornbos and I were in Tabqa (80km west of Raqqa).

Not easy to find ISIS documents because the group destroys it before they retreat. Or U.S. special forces arrive before reporters &take it to gather info.

9/ But we were lucky. Locals in Tabqa told us that during ISIS times there was an ISIS court located in the Omar ibn al Khattab mosque (location: ).

People connected to the mosque let us in &said many ISIS documents were still there.

10/ We then entered the mosque. Locals opened a cupboard that had 1000's of #ISISfiles. They let us take it with us. Unfortunately we couldn't carry everything; it was too much.

We then quickly left because Tabqa wasn't very safe- ISIS cells around. Pic of me in mosque.

11/ Inside the mosque stood a huge sword. Locals explained to us it was used by ISIS to chop off heads, hands, feet.

One man took sword &put it on neck of his friend &demonstrated how people were beheaded during ISIS time.

It was a very eerie atmosphere.

12/ Eventually we left Tabqa with 5000+ #ISISfiles in bags.

It took us months to copy all files &go thru them, categorize &understand the content.

Files consisted of tel numbers, names, pics, court cases, notes, etc. Of course not all is publishable.

13/ Yazidi member of Iraqi parliament @VianDakhil speaks to @akhbar about the importance of #ISISfiles I found in Tabqa, says these documents could be used in Iraqi courts to prosecute Daesh members.

14/ Grateful for prominent Human Rights lawyer Amal Clooney (a fellow countrywoman, we're both Lebanese! ) for commenting on our story, urging the UN team to head to the ground in Syria/Iraq &collect evidence before it's destroyed.

15/ Dutch member of parliament @Martijncda comments on the ISIS documents I found in Syria. Says: "If documents show that slavery was institutionalized then it will be easier for us to prosecute ISIS returnees to Europe."

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