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Telford MP Lucy Allan asks Theresa May for independent review into child sex exploitation
Meanwhile, Bradford (where govt knew Muslim rape gangs existed in the early 1990s) refuses to grant an Inquiry to the parents in that town.
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Rape Gang Ringleader Back Behind Bars After ‘Disgracefully’ Early Release
Shocking that he was released so soon in what was supposed to be a lengthy sentence. Not surprising that prison is no rehabilitation. Not surprising that he would re-offend so soon. As Muslims say: "going to prison is just the price of doing business". Why else are 5% of the population 14% of the convicts? Imagine how high this number would be if the police and the judicial system was not so lenient on them for the past 4 decades?
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Raped at gunpoint: Telford child abuse victims speak out
The true epicenters of these Muslim rape gangs are bound to be in towns like Bradford, Blackburn, Birmingham, Leicester, London. These are towns which have barely ever been mentioned in relation to this scandal. Yet they are the places where there were the earliest indications and where the first substantial Muslim populations were. It stands to reason that we haven't seen even 5% of this scandal. And there are undoubtedly dozens of murders and suicides because the army of state employees sided with the immigrant rapists against the native daughters of England.
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Telford girl abused by up to 70 paedophiles speaks out after fresh hope of justice for town's sex victims
This kind of organised rape of children is unheard-of in Britain -- until Islam arrived. These men are highly-organised, the child is passed round between brothers, cousins, uncles. The child can be trafficked around the country. And as my book proves, an army of state employees have known about these gangs for decades. But the state preferred to let the schoolgirls be raped and pimped.
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Commissioning Body for child sexual exploitation inquiry appointed
Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale. Now Telford and Kirklees are going to have inquiries.
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The BBC’s shameful silence on the Telford sex scandal
As I showed in Easy Meat, the BBC worked hand-in-hand with PM Cameron before the 2015 general election to pretend that the next Conservative government would introduced laws where the complicit police and social workers would be prosecuted. Of course, no such law was introduced when they won the election. The BBC is just the government's mouthpiece and is silent when it cannot spin the truth to benefit the uniparty that wins every UK election.
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Horrific abuse scandal in town dubbed 'child sex capital of Britain'
Just as with Rotherham, and then Newcastle, now with Telford. The ordinary citizens of Britain had no idea that there's town after town after town where the organized abuse of schoolgirls is recurring, on an industrial scale.
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Telford child sex monsters handed almost £2.5 MILLION in legal aid
The victims get no free counselling. Not only do these immigrants get to rape the indigenous children, the rest of the indigenous population pay for the legal costs of the vile rapists.
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Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED
As predicted in Easy Meat, the scale of the problem in Rotherham would be replicated wherever there were mosques. Moreover, as also predicted, in those areas where the proportion of Muslims was no greater than the national average, these were the only areas where the scandal would be able to escape suppression by powerful Muslim politicians and businessmen (many of whom will have relatives involved in grooming either as pimps or as customers).
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Father of murdered Telford teenager Lucy Lowe is told to 'be careful' in a chilling threat sent after he spoke out about his fears his daughter was groomed
Once again, the pattern arises that beyond a certain density of Muslim politicians, police officers, businessmen in a town the grooming cases are concealed. Birmingham and Bradford were early epicentres of this scandal, but despite a much higher percentage of Muslims, those areas don't appear in the top 3 towns for the industrial rape of white schoolgirls.
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